Juice Plus+®: Much More Than a Vitamin

Americans typically don’t suffer from vitamin deficiencies - we suffer from a deficiency of healthy whole-food choices, resulting in health problems of epic proportions for young and old alike. Juice Plus+® contains not only a far wider variety of naturally occurring vitamins and other antioxidants than traditional vitamins, but also a variety of other phytonutrients found in healthful whole foods. Just two Orchard Blend capsules and two Garden Blend capsules provide approximately the vitamin C of four oranges, the beta carotene of three raw carrots, and more vitamin E than several servings of spinach and broccoli.

Let’s review the facts about Juice Plus+® that have been demonstrated in published and peer-reviewed clinical research:

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Juice Plus+® is the simple, convenient, inexpensive answer to help bridge the healthy whole food nutritional gap for men and women of all ages.

As the clinical research shows, Juice Plus+® is not a typical vitamin supplement providing just a few handpicked nutrients. It is a whole food based product that โ€“ among other things โ€“ promotes cardiovascular wellness and the absorption of key antioxidants and vitamins. The large and growing body of peer-reviewed clinical research has also led to increasing acceptance of the benefits of Juice Plus+® among doctors and health professionals. Read what several leading health professionals say about Juice Plus+®.